.::[ Try to hack ]::.

    Try to hack changes it's address into www.try2hack.lt! Also moved into new server.
    I've put level 10th online and created english version of the site. Also titular page was made.
    I made the pages in guest book.
    some mistakes repaired in Guest book and 9th level were put online.
    The guest book is made [GB]. There you can write your opinion about this website, but no help to each other, spam or flood.
    I made a registration to those who hacked all levels.
    7th and 8th levels appearanced online.
    5th and 6th levels are ready.
    Opening [ABOUT] rubric. There you can put your advertisment.
    3d and 4th levels are ready for hacking. P.s. happy new year! :).
    Now you can hack and 2nd level.
    1st level online !

    Appearanced this project. Try to hack all levels by yourself, but if you don't know what to do it, ask for help. You can find some help on irc.omnitel.net #haker, but remember: someone will help you only if he wants, but first you must ask. If you'll ask username or password, you'll get a ban, you can ask only for a hint where to look for info or some soft. Channel bans are not discussed.